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Welcome to The Aikido Ohana

Nagahisa SenseiO-Sensei, the founder of Aikido, taught, “True victory is victory over oneself.” Aikido is a martial art that offers a strong and effective alternative to victory by violence. It is an alternative that emphasizes self-improvement and the desire for harmony with all that is the Universe. It is also the purpose of our dojo.

Nagahisa Sensei

Every dojo has its own culture and ours is no different. Our dojo’s name, “The Aikido Ohana” speaks much of our culture. The word ‘ohana’ is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘family’. Our dojo is a family of Aikido practitioners: the members of the dojo treat each other as they would their own family members. The initials of “The Aikido Ohana” are TAO. TAO is the phonetic translation of the Chinese word meaning “the way”. At The Aikido Ohana, through the practice of Aikido, we seek to live our lives as a harmonious family.

Aikido requires patience, diligence and commitment. New students and all Aikidoka (Aikido practitioners) are always welcome to join us for practice.

- Alan Nagahisa, Dojo-cho